Ceylon Tearooms

Our gift sets are put together with Ayurveda principles in mind.

Ayurveda is at the very core of Ceylon Tearooms. Ayurveda is an holistic approach to living a lifestyle tailored towards your own individual needs. It's philosophy is invaluable in maintaining vitality and well being.

You can discover your mind/body type (dosha in Sanskrit) by taking our DOSHA QUIZ found in our News section.

The energetic qualities appropriate for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas respectively are: Harmony, Cooling and Energising.

Each gift contains 3 jars of chutney and an appropriate herbal tea along side a set of guidelines for diet and exercise suitable for your particular dominant dosha.
  • Harmonising Gift
    Harmonising Gift

    fresh fig, lime and ginger
    green mango with sea salt
    sweet red pepper and chilli
    herbal tea.
    vata pacifying.

  • Cooling Gift
    Cooling Gift

    green coriander
    sweet mango fruit
    coconut chutney
    herbal tea.
    pitta pacifying

  • Energising Gift
    Energising Gift

    spicy orange and beetroot
    spiced pumpkin and apple.
    tamarind and hot and sour fruit.
    herbal tea.
    kapha pacifying.