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Grace and Beauty

Ayurveda provides us with the tools to achieve a sublime life. Yes! a sublime life!

And what makes Ayurveda teachings the ultimate holistic knowledge is that it teaches us how to achieve this perfection through even the most mundane activities. We do this through the performance of sadhanas.

The Sanskrit word is often translated as daily discipline or practice and although this is an accurate translation to say it is only self discipline and daily practice does lose the  beautiful essence of what it is to complete our duties with our total surrender and enjoyment to the task in hand.

This might seem unlikely when having to peel a whole bag of potatoes because guests are expecting an awesome sag aloo! But, our capacity to yield the heart and mind completely to the task at hand is the essence of grace and beauty. It is a way to flow with time so that we are always in the present, which is the comprehensive experience of dynamic balance.

Nature evolves through routine and regularity, for example, the inexorable growth from seed to sapling to tree to fruit. However, what makes the human condition so different from the rest of the natural world, is our capacity to choose what we do and this act of will is what makes the difference between slavish routine and sadhana.

Sadhana is any activity performed with a spiritual mind. It is the act of giving full and focused attention to what you are doing in the moment you are doing it. In the deepest sense, it is an act of devotion. By the attention and intention of a sadhana, we elevate even the most trivial task to sublime status and in doing so, invite the highest support for our action.

Ayurveda explains that whatever we put our attention on, that thing will grow. This is because attention is energy, and energy has force.The more focused attention we give to a thought or activity, the more powerful that thought or action becomes and the greater the sphere of influence of its effect.

So, when we understand that performing sadhana, and performing every action as a sadhana is the secret to attaining highest pleasure, then every action becomes an opportunity to achieve absolute beauty, and the ‘discipline’ itself becomes a sublime labour of love.

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