Ceylon Tearooms

August 2013

Geoffrey! Clive! What is Ceylon Tearooms?

Well. We are playful, a little theatrical and devilishly creative in our marrying of flavours, ingredients and presentation in all things Chutney and Tea. But, by Jove we are serious in producing the finest quality products. Our understanding of the benefits of nutritous whole food ingredients on health and well being underpins our work in the kitchen.

Our  chutneys and  fruit conserves contain NO artificial preservatives,colours or flavourings. ALL are made from completely natural ingredients and NO GM(genetically modified) thickeners or modified starch/ cornflour are used. Many chutneys, pickles and sauces in supermarkets today contain modified ingredients.

All our Products are handmade in small batches with an absolute attention to detail.
Ceylon Tearooms believes in the underlying principles of Ayurveda( an ancient holistic healthcare system originating in India) This means that not  only are the products delicious the ingredients are particularly picked for their contribution to the essential six tastes important to incorporate into each main meal, when this is achieved, we are left feeling satisfied after eating and therefore have  less temptation to snack or graze.
Our Teahouse holds a good selection of best quality  teas such as Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Earl Greys and Assams and the herbs and spices blended in our herbal teas are of an  exceptional standard.  All are teas are blended from ingredients which are ethically sourced and many are organic.
The  ingredients in our chutneys and fruit conserves are exotic and we whenever possible, choose fair trade products.
Ceylon Tearooms embodies the passion of fine cuisine and our diligence in producing gourmet quality products using only natural whole food ingredients are second to none.
Ceylon Tearooms has a  playful, quirky nod to the Colonial past in branding and presentation of  our products and blends a serious attitude to producing great food and information on healthy eating with  a creative theatrical sense of humour!
Ceylon Tearooms.