Ceylon Tearooms

relations between Time and Doshas

Once back in ‘Old Blighty’  resting in a typical English garden most weary from our travels,we noticed the changing shade and sun spots thrown on to different areas of the lawns and borders. This reminded our happy fellows at Ceylon Tearooms of the particular times of the day when the sun travels across the bright sky and where the different doshas are dominant at those particular times.

Morning 6am-10am Kapha. It is best not to eat Kapha inducing foods during this period. For example, sweet pastries for breakfast as this keeps the senses dull and lethargic when instead the mind and body should be receiving a  kick start for the day ahead.

Mid-day 10am-2pm Pitta. This is  when we should eat our biggest and most satisfying meal. Ayurveda says to eat fully at a time when the sun sits on top of your head. Your digestive fire (agni) is working at its most efficient during these times and so it is best to stop for lunch and make it your most important meal of the day.

Afternoon 2pm-6pm Vata.  This is a time, when Vata is under control, one should be at one’s most creative and imaginative. Nervous energy is hop, skip and jumping those powerful synapses in the brain  so use this time to get those thinking caps on.

Evening 6pm-10pm Kapha. Winding down time. If we have a cold or feel unwell it is usually in the evening when we feel worse. Sluggish Kapha qualities are taking hold and lung , cough and cold complaints need to be appeased. Try ginger and lemon tea to help cut through congestion especially during these times.

Mid-night 10pm-2am Pitta .When fellows are out and about , we can feel like we have our ‘second wind’ . However, it is always advisable in Ayurveda to be at home in bed at some point during theses times.  Sturdy Kaphas can go to bed the latest , Frail Vatas need rest and recuperation from the day more and so should go to bed the earliest of the three types.

Early Morning 2am-6am Vata. This is a time period when if we are feeling anxious or have worries insomnia can strike. When Vata is out of balance the great nervous energy associated with Vata can twist and gnarly  manifest itself into unhelpful feelings of fearfulness.