Ceylon Tearooms

April 2013

welcome chutney lovers!

Here at Ceylontearooms.com we wish to lead you to an indulgence into all things sticky, hot and sweetly spiced…

We adore sticky thick sweet chutneys, hot-sour pickles and sugary spiced confitures.

Join us for a promenade through the palatial palm courts of yesteryear’s Raj.

Taste the sweet and pungent spices in the air. Swoon at the dark gentlemen dressed in vintage shimmering silks and desire the exotic ladies as they pass beckoning… a pure delight to the senses!

Well, At the Ceylontearooms.com take a (ahem, virtual) seat, inhale the warm breeze and settle down to gently spiced teas and sweet fruit buns. Enjoy smoked pink trout or wild game terrine. Take a cheese platter or two with tangy pickles or savour crisp pancake dosas, succulent meat dishes and creamy coconut fish curries all of which will be more deliciously scrumptious accompanied by the most wonderful chutneys and condiments.

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Ceylontearooms.com Launch at Cafe Oto in March

chutney, fine teas enthusiasts sample ceylontearooms.com delights

chutney and fine teas enthusiasts sample ceylontearooms.com delights


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