Ceylon Tearooms

Ayurveda and the Ceylon Tearooms
Ayurveda originated in India, beginning around 3000 BC. The fundamental principles of Ayurveda were discovered by ancient Rishis (Sanskrit, seers of truth). It was these same Rishis who developed India's original systems of Yoga and meditation. Collectively, all of these systems are known as Vedic Science. Ayurveda spread with Vedic and Hindu cultures to many parts of the world and is thought to have influenced ancient Greek medicine.

Today, this ancient and holistic form of healing is growing in popularity across the world, and is a source of influences for many medical practitioners both east and west.
Ayurveic schools throughout India teach herbal medicine, massage, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynaecology, astronomy, the use of mantra, meditation and yoga to improve every aspect of life, balancing body, mind and spirit.

However, most importantly, Ayurvedic considers food as an integral part of its healing system and has conceived some of the oldest and most time - tested principles of nutrition.

The regular use of Ayurveda and its principles in meal preparation both help to maintain health and to cure a variety of illnesses from the common cold to more serious ailments.