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Your Cup of Tea
Ayurveda is an ancient and holistic healthcare system, where the main focus is placed on maintaining a healthy digestive system. The word "Ayurveda" means the science of life and it encompasses many different aspects of healthy living to bring balance and well-being to an individual. Shanti from the Ceylon Tearooms tells us how she discovered Ayurveda and some of the ways to draw on its principles in your diet.
Eating the right foods for your individual mind- body constitution is where Ayurveda teachings focus most attention. 'Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" is a quote from the Samhita Charaka, one of the source text books in Ayurvedic philosophy.
As a child I had always been aware of Ayurvedic practices. My family has Indian heritage and my mother would give me churnas (a combination of herbs in powdered form) whenever I had any cold and cough symptoms. These churnas would always nip runny noses and chest infections in the bud - and later in my teenage years she would know to give me fenugreek seeds to help relieve any suffering I happened to have from menstrual cramps.

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