Ceylon Tearooms

Our Story
Ceylon Tea Rooms is a London company and we are very proud of our London roots.
London is such a bubbling hot pot of eclectic influences, ingredients and producers of food and drink all delivered with great passion.
We love that old and new generations of Londoners from all across the world can learn and influence each other in food, drink and culture.
We at Ceylon Tearooms love food – to us it is nurturing, nourishing and intensely satisfying! We are very particular about flavour, taste and how wholesome ingredients can benefit our health everyday. We believe in locally made food for global taste buds!
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Inspired By the principles of Ayurvedic cooking, we masterfully balance the six tastes of sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringency to create chutney condiments that will satisfy all discerning palates.

At our Ayurveda apothecary we understand the therapeutic properties of the herbs and spices we use everyday to develop our herbal tea infusions which help to promote health and well being to mind body and soul.
Curious to try us out? Its easy to order!

If you wish to try some mini free samples drop us a note via our email.

Our Story

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